is to be the leader in all things fox body Mustangs, first introduced in early 2017, the website has seen substantial growth due to organic traffic. The goal is to be THE place to go for any information regarding the 79-93 Mustangs, for those wanting to get into the hobby, looking for product information, how-to articles, get inspiration and share their work.

Fox body Mustang - foxstang #1 resource for fox bodies

The 79-93 Mustangs are entering an era of being a classic car, we are seeing a shift in value, as well as the community demographics as people in their 40’s and 50’s, are feeling nostalgic about the fox body Mustang. It’s no longer only simply considered a cheap lightweight platform for drag racing. Join in celebrating all things fox body Mustangs. Core Values:

  • Always be user-centric
  • Provide quality content
  • Showcase readers’ rides and share people’s projects in a meaningful way
  • Be a contributing member to the Fox Body Mustang community

Vision is to be your #1 content source for all things related to the Foxbody Mustang by providing as much unique content as possible, showcasing your Foxes in a meaningful way and being part of the community of enthusiasts.

About the Creator

Steve, the craziness behind, has been in web marketing for over 20 years and very passionate about creating and learning new things.  Steve is also an avid fox body Mustang enthusiast, a very OCD “everything needs to be perfect” fox mustang owner, currently working on a 1987 project fox.  Steve is dedicated to make a success by providing quality content and becoming a key influencer in the fox body Mustang community.


Thank you for your interest. seeks new partnerships that will help provide quality content to its users and aligns with our core values. is not looking to sell links or articles but is looking for:

  • Product reviews related to the 79-93 Mustang
  • Product news (help generate buzz and inform the readers of exciting news)
  • Partnerships for contest prizes such as gift cards

If you are interested in partnering with, please email for an information package.