Suspension upgrades are always something that a Foxbody Mustang owner will face during ownership. With so many options on the market from aftermarket providers, air ride is typically overlooked. Air Ride suspension has been known to many to be a “lowrider” option which is typically associated with poor handling and ride quality. Is this really the case for Foxbody Mustang Air Ride suspension kits? I will tell you right now it’s not! A lot has changed in air suspension technology over the years. With companies such as Ride Tech who have been in the game for years offering one of the only Foxbody kits on the market.

Foxbody Air Ride Overview

The Infamous Project has been known to push the limits of “low” for years and the use of Air Ride is no exception. Foxbody Mustang Air Ride gives you options for both performance and quality of ride. There are some other companies out there offering “affordable” solutions which we would not recommend. Some of these companies offer a coil over conversion kit. Unfortunately these kits are quite large in diameter and will limit wheel width options. Ride Tech on the other hand couples their Air Struts with FOX Suspension products with an extremely slim air bag. If you’re curious about Air Springs (traditional bags) these kits are unfortunately no longer offered on the market at this time.

Air Ride Supporting Mods

The supporting modifications for your Air Ride kit are crucial in the overall performance and full commitment is a must if this is a route you choose to take. The Ridetech’s RidPro compressor system is a manually controlled 4 way compressor system. The control panel has 2 dual needle air pressure gauges to monitor air pressure and 4 switches that activate the RidePro air valves. This system uses a 3 gallon tank that gets filled by a single air compressor.

Whether you want to have an analog setup with manual switches and gauges or digital, there are options. You can even have automated pre-sets for level adjustability and height level sensors managed through your phone! Any of these kits will range anywhere from $1500-$3500. Depending on how active you will be with your kit you may want to consider a larger air tank. In addition, a second compressor to keep up with heavy use or as a fail safe. Viair compressors are the industry standard and run at 100% duty cycle (can run all the time without overheating).

Foxbody Mustang Air Ride Kits:

Cool Ride Level 1 from Ride-Tech – Discontinued

Ridetech’s level 1 system provides an economical solution to gaining the advantage of riding on air. The CoolRide system used in this Foxbody air suspension set up replaces the traditional spring and shock with an air spring and shock as separate unit. This system uses the OE control arms and all mounting hardware is includes. Also included in the kit is a 3 gallon compressor system.

With Ridetech’s CoolRide system equipped on your Foxbody you will notice superior ride quality compared to just upgrading your springs and shocks or a coilover system. The CoolRide system will raise and lower the vehicle, improving the handling and offering a terrific ride. The RQ shocks used in this CoolRide system are a mono-tube design, the main advantage being that the larger piston and more efficient oil flow path leads to cooler operating temperatures and more consistent performance in extreme conditions. If you are looking for more performance out of your Foxbody’s air ride suspension then upgrading your RQ shocks to HQ shocks will allow for adjustable valving. You can add the HQ shocks via the drop down if your are looking to get more performance out of your air ride suspension.

NEW! HQ Series from Ride-Tech

Below you will see the newest Foxbody Mustang Air Ride setup. This consists of integrated Air Bags over Struts and Shocks. This solution is great as you are upgrading all of your suspension components at once. In the discontinued Cool Ride kit, you were still reliant on supporting Struts. You will notice how slim the air bags are which allow for you to fit this kit in your wheel wells as normal without interference with your inner wheels. In addition you will see nice clean control arms as an additional option as you will no longer require spring perches.

Air Suspension System for 79-89 Mustang

Want more information on Air Ride solutions for your Foxbody Mustang? Feel free to Contact Us or The Infamous Project directly.