Finally, a how-to on Foxbody Alarm System Removal. An unwanted alarm system in your Foxbody Mustang can cause many headaches. Nothing is more embarrassing than having a false alarm go off in public. Even worse, chasing down hacked wiring from the alarm causing a no-start issue. Since the early 1990’s we can all remember alarm systems such as Code, Viper and many others. All of these systems regardless of the brand use the same wires. Although we believed our cars were safe from theft, in most cases they were not. Sometimes even a loud car would drive by and set off your alarm. The classic emergency response siren noises are ones we will never forget. These issues can leave Foxbody owners frustrated. This article and video is perfect for those looking for a removal how-to.

Reasons for Foxbody Alarm System Removal!

  • Dead or missing key fobs
  • Sirens going off on their own
  • Hacked up wiring
  • Start issues

If you suffer from any of the above reasons, you may be looking for a Foxbody Alarm System Removal tutorial. The Infamous Project has recently released a video on their YouTube Channel which shows the steps to remove one easily. A 1991 Dark Emerald Green 5.0 notchback coupe is featured for the removal.

Unwanted Foxbody Alarm Components:

  • Siren
  • Main Alarm System Brain
  • Proximity Sensors (hood, trunk, body)
  • Antennae
  • Relays (for keyless entry)
  • Valet / Override switch
  • Tapped Wiring

The following video will show you how to remove any general Foxbody Alarm System. It also shows how to remove the alarms related components. In addition, it shows how to properly re-connect any wiring which was tapped. Properly cleaning up your wiring will ensure you minimize any no-start issues. This specific car was tapped in multiple places including the neutral safety switch.

Foxbody Alarm System Removal Video:

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