Want to fix your pitted, cracked and weathered Foxbody Quarter Window Moldings on your Mustang? Over the years there have been many articles and suggested fixes on how to repair them. I still remember as a teenager reading in 5.0 Mustang Magazine on various fixes. Most of the repairs were a simple sand and prime. Unfortunately with the cars getting older, I have noticed this method to fail over time. I decided to take it upon myself to investigate specific products to help restore your Foxbody quarter window moldings to get long term results.

As you cannot buy NOS Foxbody 1/4 Windows, your only options are; find a mint set somewhere, send your Foxbody quarter windows away for restoration, or fix them. Finding a mint set can prove very difficult and most likely costly. To send them away for refurb is no cheaper at $1000 for the process. With this in mind, I have come up with a list of products and process for you to follow. This process will allow you to restore your Fox Body 1/4 windows for a fraction of the cost.

If you don’t want to take on the task yourself, you can reach out to The Infamous Project and he is offering a pair as shown in his video for $500 + your cores. The process isn’t difficult once you have your glass out. However you could do it with your quarters windows still installed. So should you chose to take on the task of this DIY read on below and let’s get started.

Suggested Products


The Process

  1. Remove your Foxbody Quarter Windows
  2. Clean the moldings and glass thoroughly
  3. Mask off the glass
  4. Use Suggested Glazing Putty in large pits and cracks using a razor blade
  5. Sand off putty with a block and 180/240 grit sandpaper including the molding areas without filler
  6. Repeat the above until all cracks and pits are filled and smoothed
  7. Apply 2-3 coats of Flexible High Build Primer and allow to dry
  8. Block sand the Foxbody Quarter Window Moldings down with 600 grit with a block
  9. Clean thoroughly with brake cleaner / degreaser
  10. Apply 3 coats of Marhyde Satin Black Trim Paint

VIDEO! How to restore your Foxbody Quarter Window Moldings

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