Looking to lower your Foxbody Mustang and want to know more about Spring Rates? Well you’ve come to the right page as there are so many different options this day and age. The below chart will give you a run down of all of the different options which have been put together over the years via The Infamous Project who has been known for that ultimate Foxbody stance.

The Infamous Project has been known to lower Foxbodies as low as possible on static springs and has gone even further by even cutting aftermarket springs which further increases spring rates. If you are interested to know more about lowering your Foxbody the extra “inch” be sure to check out his page and also his YouTube videos which showcase and explain many different lowering techniques and ride qualities.

Aftermarket Foxbody Mustang Spring Rates & Lowering

Foxbody Mustang Spring Rates

Spring Name 
Part No.
Front Rate (lb/in)
Rear Rate (lb/in)
Drop F / R (in)
Ford Motorsports B M-5300-B 425-530 200-300 0.875 0.5
Ford Motorsports C M-5300-C 650 200-300 0.875 0.5
Ford Motorsports F M-5300-F 460-570 200-250 1.20 1.00
Ford Motorsports G Vert M-5300-G 460-570 170-310 1.20 1.20
Ford Motorsports R M-5300-R 700-850 200-260 1.90 2.50
DECH Speedrive COR12 1000 210-280 1.50 1.50
Eibach ProKit 3510.140 425-530 200-300 1.20 1.00
Eibach Sportline 4.1035 425-630 140-295 1.70 1.50
Jamex Sportsprings N/A 425-450 180-225 1.50 1.50
H&R Sport 51650 490-575 250-285 1.60 1.50
H&R Super Sport 51657-77 700-760 275-300 1.25 1.00
H&R Race 51650-88 750-850 260-280 1.75 1.00
H&R Super Race 51650-99 950-1050 260-300 1.75 1.25
Steeda Sport 555-8200 650 200-250 1.125 1.125
Steeda Competition 555-8240 850-1050 250 1.25 1.25


Whether you’re looking to improve the street performance of your Foxbody with a bit of a drop or maybe you want that perfect drag launch, be sure to do your research on which spring rate will work best for you. Finally, be sure to always consider a quality strut and shock set-up or maybe even go coil-over to maximize your tuning and adjustability. We hope that this post was helpful in your search for Foxbody Mustang Spring Rates.