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Interesting Auctions/Classifieds

A good way to look at some outliers in terms of fox mustang pricing if you have a Fox Mustang for sale. Check this section often for the latest in the Fox Body Mustang prices in the auction world. Some are crazy, most are reasonable, you be the judge!

90 Fox Body Mustang LX ‘vert – Dennis Collins Collection of Foxes

This amazing 1990 rag top fetched $82,500USD with only 16 miles on the dial. A very rare 7Up car! What is a 7Up Mustang? This was supposed to be only a car produced for a...

89LX – Dennis Collins Collection of Foxes

89 LX with 638 actual miles sold for $71,500 USD Jan-2017

93 Fox Body Mustang – Notch Delete Car Sold!

Interesting black notch, not equipped with anything and 75 miles! Sold for $26,000 back in 2014

1992 LX Convertible

Wow... Super clean 92 'vert sold for $24,200USD back in 2014. It had 405 original miles on it.

Saleen SSC 1989 Fox Body Mustang

Another Barrett-Jackson beauty, offered by GMG. Sold for $41,800USD in 2016

93 Ford Fox Body Mustang Cobra (Teal)

Another Cobra sold at Barrett-Jackson. This "never been used" example fetched $27,500USD in 2016.

71k for an 84 Convertible?

This one probably made a huge collective boner for GT350 owners around the world. Sold for $71,500USD at Scottsdale. This example has 101 miles and very rare factory 5-speed 5.0 Convertible.

1993 Saleen Convertible

This super clean example of a 93 Saleen 'vert fetched $37,500 at auction in April 2015. Supercharged 302/400 HP engine 7885 actual miles Saleen wheels 3.55 gears Spider package Listed in Saleen Registry 1...

Extremely clean 93 Cobra

This 93 SVT with 3,333 miles brought in $40,000USD at auction.    

1987 Modified LX Mustang

This 87 Fox Mustang brought $24,500 at auction in May-2016. Not stock but professionally and tastefully done black hatch. Cover car for 5.0 Mustang Magazine 347 CI Stroker engine with blower and Cog belt ...