Once you start playing with suspension and steering and leave the stock pump, you may find that the power steering pump over-assists leaving a very nervous “touchy” feeling steering wheel. There’s a quick hack to reduce the pressure and giving a slightly more sporty feel.

How to Reduce Pressure on your Fox Body Steering

The pressure on the stock power steering pump is controlled by a relief spring to which you can cut to reduce pressure.

fox body mustang steering hack - reduce pressure

This is as simple as removing the pressure line from the pump, pulling out the pressure valve with a magnet and removing and shortening the spring to 1 7/16″. It’s recommended to cut the spring and file the end to flatten it. I heated mine.

fox mustang spring for reducing pressure in power steering

Put it back together, replace the spilled oil and test it out.

Alternatively: You could install a Heidts valve to have the capability to adjust the steering pressure without getting oil on your hands. It does this by allowing some pressure to leak into the return line but will require some plumbing work to be done.