These had a lot of fan fair and they got decent numbers but I’m sure Dennis is disappointed with the results, looks like the hype marketing didn’t work as well this time. Here are the 18 fox Mustangs and their results.

1979 Cobra with 16,000 miles

1982 GT T-tops with only 11,907 miles

1983 GT Hatchback with 6,303 miles

1983 GT Convertible with 14,682 miles

1983 GT Convertible with 8,138 miles

1984 GT with 16,537 miles

1984 GT350 Anniversary with 1,404 miles (as in Error 404, miles not found?)

1985 Convertible with 7,596 miles

1986 SVO with 3,124 miles

1987 Triple White Convertible (miles not stated)

1986 ASC McLaren with 15,601 miles

1986 ASC McLaren

1989 GT with 5,435 miles

1989 Ford Mustang GT

1990 LX Notch with 7,989 miles

1990 Oxford White coupe

1990 “7UP” Convertible with 17,566 miles

Last year a 7UP convertible fetched $82,500, this one is not nearly as prestine and has been modified with a Paxton supercharger and GT40 heads. It’s also an AOD car.

7-up Edition Mustang in Emerald Green

1991 LX Hatchback with 5,256 miles

 black 1991 LX Hatchback

1992 GT Convertible in triple black with 1,334 miles

1992 GT Convertible

1993 Feature car in triple white with 7,350 miles

Seems kind of strange to supercharge and modify a car only to NOT use it? This one has a Vortech and headers.

1993 Feature car in triple white with 7,350 miles

1993 LX Convertible with 340 miles

LX 5.0 convertible

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