Looking for Foxbody Interior Dye to refresh your interior or perhaps change the interior color of your Mustang?  Here is a process which can help you achieve professional and long lasting results. Many are confused by the various options and stories of poor results and execution in the past. When wanting to paint or dye your interior the preparation is key and will be explained in the videos. Just to make things clear I may say “dye” and I may say “paint” but regardless I am referring to the same thing.

Interior Dye Options:

There are so many options out there when it comes to Vinyl, Plastic, Leather Interior paint options and in reality they are all decent products. Ultimately it depends on your budget and how much time and effort you are willing to put into preparation. To get more details on paint options and process check out The Infamous Project and you can see a full write up. The Infamous Project has been using fox body interior dye for decades.

  • SEM (limited vendors and expensive but great quality and my personal pick)
  • VHT (available through most auto stores such as Autozone, Advanced Auto Parts, Pep Boys etc. Also a very good option)
  • Krylon (Wal Mart and has a great spray nozzle and super cheap!)
  • Rustoleum (Recently seen this taking over the dupli-color options at Auto-Zone, great color selection and haven’t used it yet)
  • Dupli-Color (Most auto stores and “okay” quality hard to find some colors)
  • Dealer (Yes you will know you can buy interior paint directly from the dealer if they used it, be prepared to pay, good quality but you pay for it and inconvenient)
  • Dupont (You can buy it by the gallon if you wish and mix it and spray it through a paint gun for bulk projects)

Once you have made the decision on what’s right for you and have picked your color, then we can get into the process. Here are a few Foxbody Interior Dye colors if you’re looking for a direct match to factory OEM.

Interior Dye Process:

You’re going to need some additional products to help you achieve your interior transformation. When Foxbody Interior Dye is being done, it is imperative that you remove and prep your surfaces properly.

  1. Remove all panels, trim and parts you are wishing to dye
  2. Clean thoroughly with dish soap and water (DAWN)
  3. Scuff all surfaces with a purple scotch pad
  4. Clean thoroughly with dish soap again
  5. Use Brake Clean or industrial degreaser to wipe everything down
  6. Mask down any areas you are not wishing to paint/dye

In this case we will be doing a complete color change of the door panel vinyl, the interior plastics and even the leather seats using the following SEM Paint called Shale which is very light and fresh looking. It was purchased in error but ended up being so fresh for this foxbody interior dye project.

I hope you have found this post and the videos helpful in your quest to change or restore your interior. When looking for Foxbody interior dye it is important you know your budget and desired outcome. This will help you select the product and colors which you feel will fit your project best.