Have you ever wonder why there is no Foxbody map pocket fix? Well here is the solution and I bet you didn’t know that your Foxbody map pockets can be fixed in under 2 minutes and for free! Does your Foxbody have the Infamous map pocket sag? Well here is your chance to fix those map pockets in less than two minutes per side. This is not a scam trying to get you to buy something and no this won’t ruin your door panels. You can see it first hand from a short video released by The Infamous Project where he fixed his pockets on a 1989 Mustang Coupe.

You can do this at home and all you will need is a pair of scissors or a utility knife to cut the elastic band which is the source of the saggy Foxbody map pockets. The elastic band fails over time so all you need to do is stretch, tie and cut. Check out the video below to see how you can fix your Foxbody map pockets in no time. That’s right all you need to do is:

  1. Pull out the elastic band from the inner side of the map pocket on the outer side
  2. Cut the elastic and pull both sides of the cut ends tight (fixing the sagg)
  3. Tie the cut ends together keeping tension on the map pockets
  4. Cut off any loose elastic material and tuck the knot under the vinyl
  5. Repeat on the other side of the pocket and then on the next door panel

Just when you thought you may need to rip off your map bags or buy new door panels, when in fact you can fix them so easily. It’s a wonder why Ford didn’t figure this out sooner considering these map pockets sagged as soon as the cars left the lot! Want to see more Foxbody Interior Tech? Be sure to check out our other featured articles and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, then write in and let us know and we’ll post it up!