We’re seeing more and more foxes on TV shows, here’s a list I developed, it’s ongoing so check back from time to time. I’ll do my best to link to the episode online (legally), those that aren’t available I’ll leave it up to you to contact your cable provider…

PowerNation’s Barely Legal Mustang Series on Engine Power


“Transforming an anemic 4 cylinder Mustang with a Ford Racing Coyote Aluminator V8 to become a street legal auto-crosser on steroids.” Link: Episode link

PowerBlock TV’s 1992 Project Mustang LX


“This time we introduce our newest project car, a 1992 Mustang LX. Our mission: treat the car to some budget bolt ons that’ll deliver the most horsepower possible for your hard earned money.” Episode link

PowerBlock TV’s Muscle Car Fox Body Pony


“This week on MuscleCar, Tommy heads to the hills to save a wounded Pony. Buick fights back with a turbo that ain’t just whistling Dixie! And is that gold in them thar hills? Nah, just paint, and Rick’s gonna show you how to spray it.” Episode link

Wheeler Dealers 1988 Mustang


“Mike and Edd decide that the 80s classic, Ford Mustang 5.0, is the ideal affordable muscle car for a young aspiring mechanic to cut his teeth on and for them to make a profit on.” Episode link

Speed’s Car Warriors 1990 Fox Mustang GT


“Two teams of builders, K Smith and Unique Twist race the clock and each other to rebuild a Fox Body Ford Mustang.” IMDB Link