Here’s an infographic with some old classic graphics on the Foxbody Mustang. Always wondered what your fox would look like with an old classic theme? Well here is your chance.

Starting with the Boss 302 first released in 1969. The GT/CS “California Special” graphics, the cool 1969 inspired Mach1 and the 1970 Twister, the 65/66 Shelby GT350 and the Hurst GT350H edition. All of them look pretty cool on paper but how would they look in your driveway?

Classic Graphics on the Foxbody

Hopefully this gives an idea how these classic graphics would transpose on a Foxbody Mustang or maybe inspired you for that next build or potential paint job. Wouldn’t it be cool if Carol Shelby would have worked on the fox Mustang instead of being with Dodge in the 80’s? These are however pretty neat options for anyone considering using Classic Graphics on the Foxbody Mustang.

Another consideration is with the technology available these days for vinyl graphics and decals it would be much easier than you think. Some aftermarket Fox Body Mustang vendors do offer some kits such as CJ Pony Parts. Using a vinyl or decal is always a good way of making sure that you could reverse the theme should you grow tired of it later on down the road.

Are you interested in other interesting Graphics on the Foxbody, hit up out Contact US page and be sure to let us know what you would like to see on a Fox! Got a super cool graphic theme on your fox already? Then be sure to submit your car for a feature which you can do via the Add Your Fox link and who knows, maybe your car will be the one to inspire someone else one day!

Thanks for checking out this post and infographic featuring old classic graphics on the Foxbody Mustang!