As the appetite for foxbody Mustangs go up, the availability of factory-clean survivors dwindle. We will be entering an era of concourse level restoration for the 79-93 Mustang and information isn’t readily available. Here’s an image gallery of a mint survivor fox Mustang.

Trunk floor pan, notice the zinc plated snubber and brake line brackets:

The upper control arms seem to be galvanized metal:

Differential seems to have a light coat of flat black paint, label below:

Notice the markings on the driveshaft, this was also raw metal from factory:

The K-member, notice the spring label and markings on the steering inner tie-rod:

Factory mufflers and marking on the diff weight, notice the zinc plated muffler hanger bracket:

T5 view, label on the wiring harness and yellow warning sticker:

To replicate the factory process, you will need to paint the floor pans a glossy battleship grey and overspray with factory color, notice the zinc plated rivets and alignment of the brake, fuel and EVAP lines:

Silk screened vapor line, notice the overspray on the floorpan:

A shot of the entire rear section of the underbody of a mint foxbody Mustang: