1981 Fox Body Mustangs could be had with the optional carriage roof which made the notchback sedans look like convertibles. The Cobra package continued into 1981 and the T-top roof was now available for both hatchbacks and notchbacks.

  • Lowest Price: 2.3L Notchback $5,897.00
  • Highest Price: Ghia $6,901.00
  • Total Fox Mustangs Produced 1981: 182,552

Engine Codes

A 2.3L 88HP
B 3.3L 94HP
D 4.2L V8 120HP

Exterior Color Codes

1981 color codes fox body

1C Black
1T Light Pewter Metallic
2G Bright Bittersweet
3L Midnight Blue Metallic
5Q Dark Brown Metallic
6N Bright Yellow
8N Dark Cordovan Metallic
9D Polar White
17 Medium Pewter Metallic
24 Red
27 Bright Red
86 Pastel Chamois
3H Medium Blue Glow
8D Bittersweet Glow

Tu-Tone Color Combos

1T/1C Light Pewter Metallic / Black
17/1C Medium Pewter Metallic / Black
2G/1C Bright Bittersweet / Black
24/1C Red / Black
27/1C Bright Red / Black
6N/1C Bright Yellow / Black
8D/1C Bittersweet Glow / Black
8N/1C Dark Cordovan Metallic / Black
86/1C Pastel Chamois / Black
9D/1C Polar White / Black
17/1T Medium Pewter Metallic / Light Pewter Metallic
24/9D Red / Polar White
9D/8D Polar White / Bittersweet Glow

Interior Color Codes

A Black
B Wedgewood Blue
D Red
T Caramel
P Pewter
Z Vaquero

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