The boss is back for the 1982 Fox Body Mustang! 1982 saw the birth of the 5.0 HO V8 as the standard engine in the GT models. The new 5.0 came with a double-roller timing chain, higher-performing cam, and a 356CFM 2 barrel carburetor. This year also brought us the now elusive front-facing hood scope which wasn’t functional but needed to clear the air filter.

  • Lowest Price: 2.3L Notchback $6,345.00
  • Highest Price: GT Hatchback $8,397.00
  • Total Fox Mustangs Produced 1982: 130,418

Engine Codes

D4.2L V8120HP
E5.0L V8157HP

Exterior Color Codes

1982 fox body color codes

27Bright Red
61Medium Yellow
69Dark Curry Brown Metallic
1GSilver Metallic
1PMedium Grey Metallic
3DDark Blue Metallic
3HMedium Blue Glow
6YMedium Vanilla
6ZPastel Vanilla
8NDark Cordovan Metallic
8DBittersweet Glow
9DPolar White

Tu-Tone Color Combos

1P/1GMedium Grey Metallic / Silver Metallic
3D/3HDark Blue Metallic / Medium Blue Glow
6Y/6ZMedium Vanilla / Pastel Vanilla
8N/8DDark Cordovan Metallic / Bittersweet Glow
1G/1CSilver Metallic / Black
24/1CRed / Black
27/1CBright Red / Black
3D/1CDark Blue Metallic / Black
3H/1CMedium Blue Glow / Black
6Y/1CMedium Vanilla / Black
6Z/1CPastel Vanilla / Black
61/1CMedium Yellow / Black
8N/1CDark Cordovan Metallic / Black
8D/1CBittersweet Glow / Black
9D/1CPolar White / Black

Interior Color Codes

BWedgewood Blue
9White / Vaquero
NOpal / Red
VFrench Vanilla
WOpal / Black
9Opal / Vaquero

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