The 1980 Fox Body Mustang saw the downsizing of the V8, down to a 119HP 4.2L V8. The Recaro seats became optional equipment in 1980 (previously first seen on a 1979 Pace Car).

  • Lowest Price: 2.3L Notchback $5,388.00
  • Highest Price: Ghia $5,823.00
  • Total Fox Mustangs Produced 1980: 271,322

Engine Codes

A 2.3L 88HP (MT) / 90HP (AT)
W 2.3L Turbo 132HP
B 3.3L 91HP (MT) / 94HP (AT)
D 4.2L V8 119HP

Exterior Color Codes

1980 fox body color codes

1C Black
3J Bright Blue
6N Bright Yellow
9D Polar White
1G Silver Metallic
1P Medium Grey Metallic
5T Bright Caramel
8A Dark Chamois Metallic
2G Bright Bittersweet
3F Light Medium Blue
8N Dark Cordovan Metallic
27 Bright Red
8D Bittersweet Glow
3H Medium Blue Glow
8W Chamois Glow

Tu-Tone Color Combos

1G/1P Silver Metallic / Medium Grey Metallic
8N/8D Dark Cordovan Metallic / Bittersweet Glow
8D/8N Bittersweet Glow / Dark Cordovan Metallic
8A/8W Dark Chamois Metallic / Chamois Glow
9D/6N Polar White / Bright Yellow
3F/3J Light Medium Blue / Bright Blue
2G/8N Bright Bittersweet / Dark Cordovan Metallic
9D/8D Polar White / Bittersweet Glow
1G/8N Silver Metallic / Dark Cordovan Metallic
8W/8A Chamois Glow / Dark Chamois Metallic

Interior Color Codes

A Black
B Wedgewood Blue
C Bittersweet
D Red
N White/Red
Q White/Blue
T Caramel
W White/Black
Z Vaquero
2 White/Caramel
9 White/Vaquero

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