The Fox Body Mustang in 1983 brought back the convertible by modifying notchbacks (done by Car and Concepts). 1983 also brought us the first year for the Borg-Warner T5 transmission. The V8’s power increase was attributed to the new 600 CFM Holley carburetor. The hood scoop changed to a rear-facing opening.

  • Lowest Price: 2.3L Notchback $6,727.00
  • Highest Price: GT Convertible $13,479.00
  • Total Fox Mustangs Produced 1983: 120,873

Engine Codes

A 2.3L 88HP
T 2.3L Turbo 145HP
3 3.8L V6 112HP
F 5.0L V8 HO 175HP

Exterior Color Codes

1982 fox body color codes

1C Black
9D Polar White
1G Silver Metallic
1B Medium Charcoal Metallic
24 Red
27 Bright Red
3D Dark Acadamy Blue Metallic
5U Dark Walnut Metallic
8Q Light Desert Tan
61 Medium Yellow
3L Midnight Blue Metallic
38 Light Acadamy Blue Glow
9N Desert Tan Glow
2G Bright Bittersweet

Interior Color Codes

A Black
B Cadet Blue
D Red
E Walnut
N Opal / Red
Q Opal/Blue
W Opal / Black
Z Opal / Walnut

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