The 1988 Fox Body Mustang provided an upgraded 75 amp alternator over the previous 65amp. Not much else has changed since the previous introduction to the “aero nose” facelift. The ’88 was the first year of having MAF implemented for Fox Mustangs sold in California.

  • Lowest Price: 2.3L Notchback $8,835.00
  • Highest Price: GT Convertible $16,610.00
  • Rarest Fox Body for 88: Sand Beige LX 5.0 Notch – 23 Produced
  • Total Fox Mustangs Produced 1988: 211,225

Engine Codes

A 2.3L 88HP
E 5.0L V8 HO 225HP

Exterior Color Codes

1988 fox body mustang color codes

1C Black
1D Smoke Poly
1K Smoke
2D Medium Scarlet
2H Medium Cabernet
3R Medium Shadow Blue
8Y Dark Sable
7H Bright Regatta Blue
7N Dark Shadow Blue
8L Sand Beige
9L Oxford White
66 Tropical Yellow

Convertible Top Color Codes

A Black
M Tan
R Dark Blue
W White

Interior Color Codes

G Smoke Grey
B Regatta Blue
D Scarlet
Y Sand Beige
N White / Scarlet (‘vert)
Q White / Blue (‘vert)
U White / Smoke  (‘vert)

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