The 1986 Fox Body didn’t see much of a departure from the previous year cosmetically. The 5.0 was offered for the first time with SEFI fuel injection based on speed-density with a 58mm (541 CFM) throttle body. The 1986 5.0HO had an upgraded engine block stiffened with thicker decks and cylinder walls and cast in semi-siamese fashion and weighed in at 126lbs. New heads were also developed (E6) but, thankfully, a short-lived change. 1986 also offered true dual exhaust for the first time in the Fox Body. Another noteworthy upgrade was the introduction to the 8.8 rear-end for the optional V8 cars (previously 7.5). You can also tell the difference between an 86 and 85 by the addition of a 3rd brake light.

  • Lowest Price: 2.3L Notchback $7,420.00
  • Highest Price: SVO $15,272.00
  • Total Fox Mustangs Produced 1986: 224,410

Engine Codes

A 2.3L 88HP
T 2.3L Turbo (SVO) 200HP
3 3.8L V6 120HP
M 5.0L V8 HO 200HP

Exterior Color Codes

1986 fox body color codes

1C Black
1D Smoke
1E Silver Metallic
2A Medium Canyon Red
2R Jalapeno Red
3V Light Regatta Blue
4E Dark Sage
4M Dark Slate Metallic
7B Shadow Blue
8L Sand Beige
8Y Dark Sable
9L Oxford White

Interior Color Codes

A Charcoal
B Regatta Blue
D Canyon Red
Y Sand Beige
N White / Red (‘vert)
Q White / Blue (‘vert)
W White / Charcoal (‘vert)

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