It would be wise to rethink your plans to cut it up an immaculate fox Mustang like the ones recently sold for good amounts of money. A better idea would be to sell it and fund your dream project which you could start off with a very inexpensive and rust-free 4 cylinder Fox which (unless an SVO) won’t ever be really worth much. Of course, assuming you have a 1000 mile original in your hands.

At the end of the day, it’s your car but it’s getting increasingly less “budget-conscious” to cut up a car someone would be willing to pay top dollar for when you can buy a very inexpensive but good chassis to start from.

Can I increase value with mods?

When it comes to modded cars like this, unless you’re a well-known hot-rod shop, you will be at the mercy of the old adage: “it’s worth whatever someone will pay for it”. Cars with tasteful and professionally done modifications will be worth more than hack jobs for sure.

There’s no clear formula but when modifying a car, you risk putting it in certain niches. People will pay a premium for things like a well-done Coyote swap (yes, even on a 4cy car) but will not pay you for your Chinese knock-off performance parts or the time you spent installing them.

The short answer is (and I’m sorry for saying this): It depends. And it’s safe to say, if you’re trying to “invest” in a Fox Mustang as a “collector”, you won’t be tearing it up at all. Modifying is all about SPG “Smiles per Gallon”…