The Mustang went from the Mustang II leveraging the Fox Body Platform sharing components from the Fairmont/Zephyr. The Fox Mustang shared similar engine options as the Mustang II. The 2.3L, the German-made 2.8L V6, and the 5.0L V8.

The introduction of the new Fox Body Mustang offered a limited run of a Pace Car (10,478 units) to commemorate the Mustangs chosen to pace the Indy 500. The replicas came equipped with either a Turbo 2.3 or the 5.0L V8.

  • Lowest Price: 2.3L Notchback $4,494.00
  • Highest Price: Pace Car Replica $9,012.00
  • Total Fox Mustangs Produced 1979: 369,936

Engine Codes

Y 2.3L 88HP
W 2.3L Turbo 132HP
Z 2.8L V6 109HP
T 3.3L 85HP
F 5.0L 140HP

Exterior Color Codes

1979 fox body color codes

1C Black
1G Silver Metallic
2H Red Glow
2P Bright Red
3F Light Medium Blue
3H Medium Blue Glow
3J Bright Blue
46 Dark Jade Metallic
5M Medium Chestnut Metallic
5W Medium Vaquero Gold
64 Bright Yellow
83 Bright Chamois
85 Tangerine
1P Medium Grey Metallic
9D Polar White

Tu-Tone Color Combos

1G/1P Silver Metallic / Medium Grey Metallic
3F/3J Light Medium Blue / Bright Blue

Interior Color Codes

AB, LD, BB, EB Blue
AD, LD, ED, CD, DD, FD Red
BA, MA, CA, DA, FA, EA Black
AT, LT, BT, MT, CT, DT, FT, ET Chamois
AZ, LZ, BZ, MZ, C2, DZ, FZ, EZ Vaquero
AN, LN, CN, EN White/Red
AQ, LQ, CQ, EQ White/Blue
C2, E2, A2, L2 White/Chamois
A9, L9, C9, E9 White/Vaquero
AW, LW, CW, EW White/Black

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