The 1985 Fox Body received a face-lift with the new front facia design ending the more traditional “grill” design of the previous year. Horsepower for the 5.0 jumped from 175HP to 210HP due in part to the exhaust system changes. This is the last year of the four-barrel carburetor. 1985 introduced the use of forged pistons with thicker ring lands for improved heat transfer. And not to forget, 1985 gave us the first year of the OE roller rockers in the 5.0HO. You can learn more about the progression of the Fox Body V8 here. 

  • Lowest Price: 2.3L Notchback $6,989.00
  • Highest Price: SVO $14,806.00
  • Total Fox Mustangs Produced 1985: 156,514

Engine Codes

T2.3L Turbo (SVO)205HP
33.8L V6120HP
M5.0L V8165HP / 210HP (HO)

Exterior Color Codes

1985 color codes fox body mustang

1BMedium Charcoal
9LOxford White
2CCanyon Red
8LSand Beige
2RJalapeno Red
8YDark Sable
3VLight Regatta Blue
2AMedium Canyon Red
3LDark Blue
4EDark Sage
4MDark Slate

Interior Color Codes

BRegatta Blue
DCanyon Red
YSand Beige
NWhite / Red (‘vert)
QWhite / Blue (‘vert)
WWhite / Charcoal (‘vert)

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