The last year for the Fox Body Mustang came with stereo upgrades such as an 80 watt CD player option. Ford provided us with two limited-edition Mustangs called “Feature cars” in Canary Yellow with chrome 16×7 Pony wheels and Oxford white. 1993 also gave us the Cobra and Cobra R models. See more about the Fox Body Mustang special edition cars. 

  • Lowest Price: 2.3L Notchback $11,159.00
  • Highest Price: LX Sport Convertible (Canary Yellow) $22,221.00
  • Rarest Fox Body for 93: Performance Red Cobra  – 9 Produced
  • Total Fox Mustangs Produced 1993: 114,228
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Exterior Color Codes

1993 fox body mustang color codes

BZ Chrome Yellow
EG Electric Red
EP Vermillion
ES Vibrant Red
EY Performance Red
KF Bright Lapis
LA Royal Blue
PD Reef Blue
PM Bright Calypso Green
UA Black
RD Teal
WB Vibrant White
YN Silver

Convertible Top Color Codes


RR Dark Blue
WW White

Interior Color Codes

Vinyl Cloth Cloth/Vinyl Leather
Opal Grey BA FA DA CA
Crystal Blue BB FB
Ruby Red BD FB DD
White / Opal Grey (‘vert) BL CL
White  / Ruby Red  (‘vert) BN CN

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